Paulas cafe was inspired by our family head, a Salvadoran woman who is passionate about food and its good taste, in the middle of a civil war with 6 children to take care of and the lack of work and opportunities to grow because of the war, Paula took the ingenious idea of ​​starting her own business from home, she prepared the food and went out to sell it, and just like that is how the passion and love for cooking was created, its unique and delicious flavor was passed from generation to generation, always using the best and most organic products that not only help to taste good, but also help to maintain a healthy body, which is our priority. Today one of his daughter with the support of her son (paula's grandson), Chef Erick Zelaya, graduated from the culinary school, “Le cordon bleu” and with more than 8 years of professional experience in the kitchens of large hotels in the Bay Area, and a lifetime of love and passion for food, are working hard to keep the dream and vision that was born in Paula in the 1980s. Proudly Erick and Magdalena continue to carry on the tradition of providing delicious, healthy food with The unique and incomparable taste from Grandma Paula.